Rightsholders A-Z

ABC-Company E-skuvla AS

ABC-Company E-skuvla AS is a Sámi publishing house, established in 2000, with mainly books in Sámi languages, but also some titles translated to other languages.

agentur literatur Gudrun Hebel

literary agency, representing Nordic and German authors worldwide

Ahlander Agency AB

Ahlander Agency is a boutique literary agency that represents Scandinavian writers at home and in the world.

Anne Bitsch

The rights of this book is managed by the author. For any queries , do not hesitate to contact me: [email protected]


We have a twofold vision: to promote awareness about issues relevant to the Sámi people, whilst promoting and strengthening indigenous linguistic literacy, culture and history. Our publications come in wide variety of formats, genres and themes

Bjerkelien forlag v/Hege Enersen Bjerkelien

Savage Street is our first book, and it was bought by The Norwegian Art Council.

“Full of lively illustrations, Savage Street is a funny, uplifting story about helping one another overcome the things that scare us”

Cappelen Damm Agency

Cappelen Damm Agency represents all foreign book rights, as well as rights for TV, film, radio, etc. for most authors published by Cappelen Damm.

We attend all the major international bookfairs, and look forward to speaking to you!

Carl Müller Frøland

The rights are managed by the author. For any queries , do not hesitate to contact me: [email protected]

Copenhagen Literary Agency

COPENHAGEN LITERARY AGENCY represents a stellar list of prize winning and popular Scandinavian authors of literary fiction and non-fiction.


DAT is a Sami Publishing house based in Guovdageaidnu / Kautokeino in the Norwegian part of Samiland. We publish foremost original literature, poetry and fiction, in Sami which we also translate into Scandinavian, English or other languages.

Davvi Girji

Davvi Girji was established in 1990. In Norway, the publisher’s book titles in sami language constitute a significant proportion of available literature on the market, regardless of the type of genre.

Egmont Kids Media - Norway

Egmont Publishing and Egmont Kids Media is a leading Norwegian publisher of magazines, entertainment, children's books and digital services. We donate EUR 13 million a year to help improve the lives of children and young people.

Engelstad Forlag (Est. 2003)

Exiting nonfiction novel written as the memoirs of a French middleclass girl who ends up as a canteen in Napoleon’s Great Army in Germany in 1813. 3rd edition.
5 of 5 stars on www.haugenbok.no and www.norli.no

Fagervik forlag - Lene Lauritsen Kjølner

Lene Lauritsen Kjølner’s debut novel, `The Man in the Shiny Shoes,’ won the Maurits Hansen prize – New Blood, and is the first in the Island Mysteries series. Set in the Norwegian archipelago, all nine books is garnished with wit and humour.

Figenschou forlag

Figenschou publishing is a children’s books company established in 2013 by Anitra Figenschou. Figenschou publishes around 10 titles a year and publishes both picture books, non-fiction books and illustrated novels for children.

Fredrik S. Heffermehl

Fredrik S. Heffermehl is a non-fiction writer, journalist, and translator. With law degrees from Oslo and NYU and experience with diplomacy and international affairs he has published books on peace by peaceful means in 18 languages.

Grand Agency

Grand Agency is a leading independent literature and film agency representing authors from Sweden and the other Scandinavian / Nordic countries. We work with several of the largest international sales successes from this part of the world.

Hagen Agency

Independent literary agency, focusing on quality children's literature, fiction and general non-fiction.


Iđut is a publishing house in Finnmark. Established in 1991. The name means "sprouts" (as in a seed that sprouts). We publish children's books, fiction and the Sámi youth magazine Š. We mainly publish books in the Sámi and Kven languages.

Immaterial Agents

Independent Literary Agency representing Norwegian authors internationally

Jo Straube

«The Norwegian Library» is a photographic journey through the Norwegian public library institution. It was awarded «The most beautiful book» in Norway by Grafill this year and is documenting the most significant mediator of literature in Norway.

Katrin Glatz Brubakk and Guro Kulset Merakerås

The book MORIA , named after the notorious refugee camp at the island Lesbos, offers readers a unique insight into a dark and ongoing chapter of contemporary European history: the so-called refugee crisis starting in 2015.

Kirsti MacDonald Jareg/

Kirsti MacDonald Jareg (1966) is a Norwegian-Scottish author with a background in non-fiction writing, psychology and social anthropology.

Kommuneforlaget AS (KF)

Kommuneforlaget develops specialist literature and digital solutions that help to ensure high quality and effective service provision within the municipal sector.

Kontext Agency

Kontext is a literary agency based in Stockholm, and specialized in narrative non-fiction from the Nordics in the areas of Investigative journalism, Politics & Current Affairs, History, Biography, Business & Management, Sports, Health & Psychology.

Kreator Forlag

Kreator Forlag is a small, local publisher in Hallingdal that published its first title in 2023. We produce all content, text, images, and design ourselves, together with the authors of the book.

Laila Madsö

The quick witted and easily accessible guiding in this part cook book part veggie-guide book will take you toward a vegetable driven lifestyle, and into the best shape of your life. Laila has translated the book and it will be published in UK 2021.

Maana forlag

We’re probably the tiniest tiny publishing company in Norway.

Magikon forlag

Magikon is a publishing house and agency specializing in all kinds of illustrated books and art books.

Matei Publishing Group AS

Matei Publishing Group AS is a independent publisher. Norway's most creative publishing house

Messel Forlag AS

Messel Forlag, as. (since1991)
Fact books on art, cultural history and biografies. History, lifestyle, cookbooks and gardening.

Fiction: Jane Austen, Emily Brontë, Colette, Emile Zola, Eva Figes, Prosper Merimé


Munch Museum

The Munch Museum publishes books and catalogues about the Norwegian artist Edvard Munch (1863 – 1944). The museum’s publications cover a wide range of subjects concerning Munch’s paintings, graphic art, drawing, sculpture, photography and film.

New Deal Publishing

The first publications "Democracy " in the "Next Step" triology is written by the Norwegian historian and philosopher Hans Kolstad. The purpose of the series is to provide a framework for dialog and discussion regarding societal challenges.

No Comprendo Press

Small independent publisher of graphic novels, children's books, novels, non-fiction and art books.

Northern Stories

NORTHERN STORIES is an independent literary agency representing Nordic writers, with a fine mix of established profiles and promising authors.

Olivia forlag

The rights of "Selective Amnesia" ("La meg ikke huske") and "Where the Darkness Lives" ("Det er så mørkt her") are managed by Olivia forlag. For queries, please mail [email protected] or call +47 46398920.

Orkana forlag

The publishing house Orkana Forlag was established in 1993. We publish 20–30 new titles per year, both fiction and non-fiction. Orkana Forlag represents the rights of our Norwegian authors.

For questions please contact us at [email protected]

Oslo Literary Agency

Literary Agent

RCW Literary Agency

RCW takes pride in managing the careers of some of the world’s most notable and bestselling authors. We are home to writers of all genres including literary and commercial fiction, crime and thrillers, children’s and YA, and all forms of non-fiction.

Res Publica

Res Publica is a small indpendent publishing house, with three employees and around 15-20 new titles a year. We publish non fiction, as reportage, current affairs, social science, history and biography.

Saga Literary Agency

Saga Literary Agency represents children's books and YA published by Det Norske Samlaget.

Salomonsson Agency

Salomonsson Agency was founded in 2000. Today, the agency has twenty-four employees and represents around fifty Nordic authors of literary fiction, crime fiction, children’s fiction and narrative nonfiction, as well as a select list of screenwriters.

Salsa AS

Salsa is a dedicated one-woman publishing house that buys professional services at all levels: manuscript / language, proofreading, illustration, design, printing and distribution.

Sirkel Forlag

Sirkel Forlag was set up in 2016 as an author´s cooperative. At present, we represent six authors. Two of our novels have been supported by the Norwegian Arts Council.


Small publishing company run by Dr. Pål Brekke, an international recognized solar physicist with a background from NASA and ESA. He is also the author of these books.

Solum Bokvennen

Solum Bokvennen is a critically acclaimed publisher of high quality fiction and non-fiction, both classics and some of the most important contemporary voices from all over the world.

Spartacus Forlag

Spartacus is an independent Norwegian publisher established in 1989. We publish about 40 new books a year, consisting of a broad range of non fiction – documentaries, history, biographies and popular science.

Stilton Literary Agency

Stilton Literary Agency represents a list of highly successful Norwegian authors of adult fiction, narrative and illustrated non-fiction. We are based in Oslo:
Hans Petter Bakketeig, [email protected]
Leyla Körner Øier, [email protected]

Strand forlag

Strand Publishing (Strand forlag) was founded in 2018 by agent Håkon Strand. We aim to develop and publish quality comics and graphic novels for a wide audience. We publish humor strips, non-fiction comics and original graphic novels for all ages.

Susanne Hætta/Susannefoto Forlag

Susannefoto Forlag is a small publishing house in Vadsø, Sápmi, publishing the books of author, photographer and visual artist Susanne Hætta.

Tiden Norsk Forlag

Tiden Norsk Forlag was founded 1933, and is now an imprint of Gyldendal Norsk Forlag. Our programme comprises approximately 30 new titles a year, including both fiction and general non-fiction. 

Tone Huse

Based on ethnographic fieldwork, "Tøyengata - et nyrikt stykke Norge", offers a lively and engaged analysis of how different users of the city experience and respond to the process of gentrification.


Norway’s leading academic publisher

Vårt Land

Vårt Land publishing was launched in 2014, publishing books focusing on religion, faith and thought.

Vega Forlag

Vega Forlag is a Norwegian publishing house, based in Oslo. We publish around 20 titles a year, foremost narrative and general non-fiction, including history, documentaries, popular culture and science, reference and gift books.

Winje Agency

Winje Agency, founded 2016, is representing authors of high quality in all genres, and publication rights for the Nobel Prize Winner in Literature 2023, Jon Fosse.