Salsa AS

Salsa is a dedicated one-woman publishing house that buys professional services at all levels: manuscript / language, proofreading, illustration, design, printing and distribution.


Salsa was created in 2002 and wants, as the name suggests, to create exciting and diverse ingredients of books.

Previous publications range from a children's book (Luis Sepulveda) to a trip to Italy, food recipes, petites and newspaper drawings, puns, good ideas for grandparents – and local songs and stories on a CD.

This year we are brave enough to offer our readers three books in a row. And this time also for readers of other languages.

2022 is our 20 anniversary year and we celebrate by publishing the series:
«LE DONNE - women and the city»

The first book about VENICE will be launched in May.
The second one on ROME in September.
And the third part on SICILY is scheduled for November.

Salsa wants readers who are looking for something that can amuse, inspire and/or create wonder…