DAT is a Sami Publishing house based in Guovdageaidnu / Kautokeino in the Norwegian part of Samiland. We publish foremost original literature, poetry and fiction, in Sami which we also translate into Scandinavian, English or other languages.


DAT is sami publishing house and record company.

We publish sami fine art, first of all literature and music.
But in this rapid changing times we are open for new opportunities.
Borders can be crossed. In particular international boundaries.
We work in Samiland, in northern Scandinavia.
Books and music are handicraft, fine art.
Quality, both in content and form, is important.
When we work together; publisher/record company, writer, yoiker, musicians, illustrator, designer, printing house…
then the outcome will be searched by ear, eye and mind…
and most important, it will reach you…


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