Bjerkelien forlag v/Hege Enersen Bjerkelien

Savage Street is our first book, and it was bought by The Norwegian Art Council.

“Full of lively illustrations, Savage Street is a funny, uplifting story about helping one another overcome the things that scare us”


Bjerkelien publisher was established in 2019 by author Hege E. Bjerkelien.
We publish high quality books for children and youth.
With great respect for the audience, we use only well chosen editors and illustrators, also used by the larger publishers.

At the moment, we work with a new book series filled with action and humour, about the "Broccoli gang". Two young friends solving problems caused by lame and evil, adults. They, Jack and Julia, saves them selves and their friends, with the most extreme, hilarious and almost impossible solutions.
5 books are already written in this series, and the first one is being published September 2020.
The audience is primarily children aged 8-12 years.
More information about "The broccoli gang" will soon come.
This series is a page turner! Guaranteed!


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