Fredrik S. Heffermehl

Fredrik S. Heffermehl is a non-fiction writer, journalist, and translator. With law degrees from Oslo and NYU and experience with diplomacy and international affairs he has published books on peace by peaceful means in 18 languages.


Educated as a lawyer in Oslo and with an LLM from NYU, Heffermehl has spent the last 40 years in leading positions in Norwegian and international civil society organisations (IPB, IALANA), often working at the United Nations in NY and Geneva. In the last decade and a half, he has used the Nobel Peace Prize as a wedge for public education and promotion of Alfred Nobels actual intention, global disarmament. The hope is to get through the blockade in the minds of most people and unleash the same avalanche of protest against arms races, military power games, and wars, as did, in 1889, Bertha von Suttner with her record bestseller Lay Down Your Arms. Her book was a main inspiration for Nobel when he included "the prize for the champions of peace" in his testament. Heffermehl´s earlier books have appeared in 19 languages, his op-eds carried by leading international papers, and his columns for Inter Press Service printed in newspapers all over the world.


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