Hans Herbjørnsrud
The Blind Door

In the three stories in THE BLIND DOOR Herbjørnsrud explores secrets that always leave a remainder of something eerie and unexplained, even after they are exposed.

Hans Herbjørnsrud

Hans Herbjørnsrud
Tom Sandberg

Hans Herbjørnsrud was born in Telemark in 1938, and made his debut in 1979 with Witnesses and is today a celebrated author of short stories. Herbjørnsrud has been nominated twice for the Nordic Council Prize for Literature, and has been awarded the Dobloug Prize, the Aschehoug Prize and the Critics’ Prize.

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His work has been published in France (Editions Circé) and Germany (Luchterhand) and his short stories have been represented in anthologies in the UK, Russia, Hungary, the Czech R., Slovenia, Croatia.

Other titles

The Wells (Brønnene), 2006
We Know so Much (Vi vet så mye), 2001
The Blind Door (Blinddøra), 1997
Ex and Zed (Eks og Sett), 1992
He (Han), 1987
The Water Carrier (Vannbæreren), 1984)
Witnesses (Vitner), 1979

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2005: The Aschehoug Prize
2005: The Dobloug Prize
2002: Nominated for the Nordic Council Literature Prize
1999: Nominated for the European Aristeion Prize
1998: Nominated for the Nordic Council Literature Prize
1997: The Critics' Prize
1987: The Gyldendal Fund's Prize
1980: Tarjei Vesaas' Debut Prize

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