Therese Tungen
Love, or Something Like it

In Love, or Something Like it, Therese Tungen envisions love and desire: A fresh student is drawn into a relationship with an older man; a couple heads to the Grand Canyon and a ravine opens up in their relationship; a young woman is left by her boyfriend and buys a bear costume; a filmmaker sees his ex-girlfriend on the street, and relives his past in two minutes; a young girl disappears into the night when on holiday, while her mother and grandmother try to find her again.

How much of love is governed by our own choices, and how much is random or circumstances? Some times people meet at the wrong time, other times two people discover that love is different things for each of them. In Love, or Something Like it, Tungen explores ancient themes such as reason and feelings, time and destiny. At the same time, the stories appear higly relevant in an era where the premise of courtesy and living together is changing.

A new strong short story collection by critically acclaimed Therese Tungen. It will be published in Norway by Aschehoug September 27.

Therese Tungen

Therese Tungen

Therese Tungen has worked as an editor for ten years, starting at the publishing house Oktober, where she among other things co-edited Karl Ove Knausgård's My Struggle. She later worked at Kagge forlag and is now an editor for non-fiction at Det Norske Samlaget. Tungen has also worked as a literary critic.

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