Vidar Kvalshaug
Copper Beach Summer

Summer cabins are inherited, shared after a divorce, they decay, are repaired, are returned to after many years. Vidar Kvalhaug’s short stories open creaking doors on figures, fates and life stories that did not turn out as expected, on reconciliations and conflicts. We meet the musician who returns after a turbulent life, and the two brothers who start to talk again as they repair a dilapidated barn. A boy and a girl who try to find the meeting places that once bound them together. The novels are low-keyed and cautious in their approach to where people are most vulnerable, and he portrays the smouldering experiences with great intensity.

Vidar Kvalshaug

Vidar Kvalshaug
Frode Sørskaar

Vidar Kvalshaug (b. 1970) is a writer, literary critic and writes his own column in Norway's major paper, Aftenposten. He has previously published short stories, novels and children’s books. He is also a regular radio causeur for NRK.

Other titles

The First of Your Very Last Chances (short stories, 2009)
Coming Home, Repairing Houses (short stories, 2005)
Beatings and Other Signs of Affection (short stories, 2000)
Almost Like in the Movies (novel, 1998)
No Country Lane Back (novel, 1996)

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