Bjarte Breiteig
People Have Started Knocking

Bjarte Breiteig’s third collection of short stories is characterized by a new and more epic tone than his earlier writing. Breiteig has written dense, intense stories which are all touching existentially challenging situations. At the same time, the author makes accurate and merciless descriptions of different social worlds. We meet people in the middle of break-ups and despair, young adults who are being confronted with the life they lead. The short stories play out against a backdrop of stereotyped, lifeless suburbs and villages. Breiteig tenderly describes various moods and religious longings as well as the distance between people who are close to each other.

Aschehoug 2006
132 pages

Praise for Surrogater, short stories 2000:

“Collection consisting of seven short stories, all very well written, and several even better than good, sparkling in the dark provoked in the reader.” (Dag og Tid)

Bjarte Breiteig

Bjarte Breiteig's first book, Fantomsmerter (Phantom Limb Pain), attracted widespread attention and received glowing reviews. In 2003 Bjarte Breiteig was one of five young authors whose work was included in a collection of short stories published under the title of Borders by the European literary project Scritture Giovani.

Fantomsmerter, short stories 1998.
Surrogater, short stories 2000.

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