Per Schreiner
My Father’s Five Bathrooms

A father builds five bathrooms. A son lies to his father.
A grandfather runs away from the check. A family
plays out its rituals. A man discovers, in the days
following his death, where his journey continues.
My Father’s Five Bathrooms is a dark and witty
collection of stories, containing life-lies and words of
truth, mother fixations and patricides, serious talks
and playfulness. When humans encounter resistance,
their reactions take the most diverse and absurd

Per Schreiner

Per Schreiner

Per Schreiner (born 1965) is a
scriptwriter and a playwright.
Together with Erlend Loe and
Bjørn Olaf Johannessen, he wrote
the script for the TV series Kampen
for tilværelsen (Struggle For Life).
My Father’s Five Bathrooms is his first

Other titles

Henrettelse ved elefant, Tiden forlag (2016)

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Amanda Prize 2006 for manuscript "Den brysomme mannen"

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