Svein Roger Nilsen

The City of Stone

The short stories in The City of Stone illuminates parts
of society we rarely see, consequences of actions,
crime and punishment, institutions that are meant to
support us, but which, despite rules and systems, are
as human as ourselves.

Svein Roger Nilsen


Living and writing in
Drammen, Svein Roger
Nilsen (born 1967) has a
degree in social work and
a further education in the
treatment of substance

Other titles

1996: I dagens lys, i svarte natt, Aventura
1997: Hvem vet hvor tiden blir av?, Pantagruel forlag
1998: Blindgården, Pantagruel forlag
2000: Et kabinett av kuriositeter, Saeculum
2006: Blå toget, Lockert forlag
2010: Tørst, Tiden forlag
2013: Den elektriske skogen. Noveller, Tiden

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