Joakim Hunnes
The Village

A former teacher and father of two has lost everything and is
unable to go on living. A sailor beats up a colleague who claims his
wife cheated on him, and is set ashore. A sexually frustrated family
man embarks on a relationship with his childhood sweetheart. A
lonely farmer gets himself a mail-order bride, and ends up losing
everything due to drinking. Taking a sabbatical to write, his nephew
moves into the farm, bringing back memories of a fatal summer
twenty years ago.
The nine short stories in The Village all take place in a small village
somewhere in Norway, dealing with ordinary people faced with
dramatic choices, and how everything left unsaid might have
unforeseen consequences.

«A skillfully and meticulously crafted short story collection,
The Village comes close to a novel. And if you had the slightest
doubts about his talent after his debut novel,
that doubt has been thoroughly put to shame.»

Oddmund Hagen, Dag og Tid

«This is exceptional writing.»

Geir Vestad, Hamar Arbeiderblad

Joakim Hunnes

Joakim Hunnes

Joakim Hunnes (born 1981) lives in Vartdal, Sunnmøre. His debut novel,
Alle vet hvem du er (Everyone Knows Who You Are) came in 2011

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2011: Alle vet hvem du er

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