Ari Behn
A Tiger in The Garden

A Tiger in The Garden contains ten short stories that portray violence and death, life in public and journalists at war, a TV-team meeting the yakuza in Japan, a male asylum seeker on the run with one of the victims of Utøya, young love in America, loneliness and loss of love.
The stories offer precise descriptions of people’s lives and fates. They are turned towards the world, and represent a new development in Behn’s writing.

Ari Behn

Ari Behn
Per Heimly

Ari Behn grew up in England and northern Norway. He made his debut with the acclaimed short story collection Sad as Hell in 1999, and has since published three novels and a short story collection. In 2011 he made his debut as a playwright.

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Sad as Hell (1999)

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Sarpsborg kulturpris (1999)
Østfold energis kulturpris (1999)

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