Laila Stien
Across the River

A girl is looking for her brother, who has disappeared. An
abandoned man is waiting for his life to begin. A woman looks back
on a life lived between two cultures.
Every time Laila Stien publishes a short story collection is a special
occasion. Like an Alice Munro or a Raymond Carver, she is able to
create a rare presence in the most everyday occurrences. In seven
different stories, she shows us human vulnerability, how we face life
without any real protection.
If the short story is a balancing act in which every word and
sentence counts, then Laila Stien, above anyone, is a tightrope

«Short stories with a keen eye for moods,
subtle shifts and a precarious humanity»

Terje Eidsvåg, Adresseavisen

«At her best, she has an impressive sense of the psychological,
an ability to completely undress her characters and present
them so vulnerable and helpless as to give the reader chills of
recognition and insight. Seven short stories, three of
which are among the best she has produced.»

Oddmund Hagen, Dag og Tid

Laila Stien

Laila Stien

Laila Stien’s (born 1946) debut came in 1979, and in 2000, she was
awarded the Aschehoug Prize. Across the River is her ninth short story
collection for adults.

Other titles

10 short stories
1 novel
3 poems collections
5 books for children and teenagers
12 retellings

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Rana Municipality Culture Award 1986
The Critics Award for best children's and youth book 1993,
Literary Collection Literature Prize 1992
Havmann Prize 1999, For Through Glass
Aschehougprisen 2000
Alta Municipality Cultural Award 2002
Finnmark County Culture Prize 2014
Honorary doctorate at the University of Tromsø, Norway's Arctic University 2015
The novel Visit voted by the NRK P2 listeners to the best novel of the year 2015

Edited December 06, 2017 by Tiden Norsk Forlag