Cha Sandmæl
The eye of the dragon - Captured
Book 3

The third volume in the epic book series for children and young people about the ash elf Kha!

The ash elf Kha and the dragon by day, and a woman by night, Ranja, embark on a perilous quest, driven by a shared desire to unravel the ancient magic that can terminate the curses that rest upon them. Yet, their path is fraught with danger, for lurking in the shadows are relentless dragon slayers, their hearts consumed by malice and their numbers multiplying in the city of Bergavin. Their unbreakable friendship deepens as they discover that the they have the power to control each other's curses.

Cha Sandmæl

Cha Sandmæl

Cha Sandmæl (1992) is a comic creator and illustrator living in Oslo. «The Eye of the Dragon» is her first published graphic novel.
Before making this book series she was a freelance illustrator while she also made a webcomic and worked part time at a bookstore.

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