Cha Sandmæl
The eye of the dragon - Attacked
Book 2

The second volume in the epic book series for children and young people about the ash elf Kha!

Kha has got a friend and ally in Ranja. A dragon by day, and a woman by night. Together, they decide to look for a magic wreath that can free them both from the curses that ride them. But Kha's persecutors have not given up the fight.

Cha Sandmæl

Cha Sandmæl
Cathrine Sandmæl

Charlotte Sandmæl (1992) is a comic creator and illustrator living in Oslo. «The Eye of the Dragon - Attacked» is they second graphic novel in the series.
Before making these books they was a freelance illustrator while they also made a webcomic and worked part time at a bookstore.

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