Charlotte Sandmæl

The eye of the dragon

Betrayed and abandoned, with a dragon as their only rescue! An intriguing new fantasy book series by Charlotte Sandmæl!

How do you start over when you’ve lost everything? The ash elf Kha excels in magic in an underground world, - a world where the moon is worshipped and families are tight-knit. Kha believes they are in good hands in this safe and protected existence, but dark forces in the world are conspiring to make Kha's magic their own. One night, Kha is stripped of everything they know, and forced to make their way to the surface for a chance at a new beginning. Defenceless in another reality they are chased from pillar to post before help emerges from an unexpected source… but why would a dragon bother helping an abandoned and betrayed elf?

Charlotte Sandmæl

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Charlotte Sandmæl (1992) is a comic creator and illustrator living in Oslo. «The Eye of the Dragon» is her first published graphic novel.
Before making this book series she was a freelance illustrator while she also made a webcomic and worked part time at a bookstore.

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