Emily Sørensen
Free Falling

Lavender is an angel living in the perfect heavenly realm "Overland". Here, she meets her soulmate, fulfills wishes for humans, and lives a life in complete harmony. Or so all the other angels would have you believe...

But Lavender feels neither lucky, happy nor harmonious with her soulmate Datura. Something that is impossible to do anything about because who can save an angel from heaven itself? That task is unwillingly given to Aster. A fake angel who comes falling out of nowhere and isn't able to remember who they are. The two flee together in hope of finding answers with the ever-enticing sun. But Lavender's "loving" soulmate doesn't plan on letting his darling slip away that easily...

«Free Falling» is a graphic novel about finding belonging and friendship but most importantly about standing up for yourself!

Emily Sørensen

Emily Sørensen
Thea Halvorsen

Emily Sørensen (b. 1994) is a comic creator and preschool worker based in Oslo. She holds a bachelor's degree in illustration from the Arts University Bournemouth in England. She has always had an interest in telling absurd and colorful stories. «Free Falling» is her second comic book release.

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