Malin Falch

Northern Lights book 2
The Vikings and the Oracle

In the second book the story continues were we left Sonja and Espen in the woods of Jotundale, a magical Valley, only accessible through magical portals that let you travel on the northern lights.

Even though Sonja still finds Jotundale enchanting and thoroughly beautiful, a growing suspicion that there are dangers ahead, that might threaten this wonderful place, causes Sonja to worry.

One day a horde of vicious Vikings turn up in the woods together with a young girl, Lotta, of the Mountain people, who are known for their magic. As it turns out, Lotta is helping the Vikings by petrifying Trolls. Lotta’s guardian, det mysterious Oracle, has agreed to help the Vikings to destroy the trolls. In return the Vikings are helping her find the enchanted tree.

In Northern lights - The Vikings and the oracle Sonja’s wonderful adventures through Jontundale continues as the conflicts increase, and alliances are being put to the test. This is a true fairytale for the twenty-first century.

«I just hope that you are safe with me ... »
Lotta from the mountain people.

Malin Falch

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Photo: Svein Brimi

Malin Falch, (1993) born in Trondheim, but lives in Oslo. «Northern Light» volume one was her first graphic novel released in 2018. And the second volume came in 2019.

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Northern Lights book 2
The Vikings and the Oracle

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