Arne Lindmo & Ida Skjelbakken (ill.)
The Christmas Caper

The dream team Arne Lindmo & Ida Skjelbakken is launching a standalone and action-packed Christmas novel in the heist genre! It's about four poor street kids who have decided to celebrate the best Christmas ever, they just have to pull off the biggest Christmas heist of all time! The novel is fully illustrated in color.

I bet this is going to be the best-selling Christmas book of all time.

Sverre, 12 years

Fantastic. The best Christmas book I've ever read!

Karoline, 11 years

Exciting, very different from all other Christmas books. Loved the book!

Kristoffer, 12 years

The best book of my life, not only among Christmas books but of all books.

Oliver, 10 years

Loved that it was exciting all the time. Everyone will enjoy this.

Solveig, 12 years

Arne Lindmo & Ida Skjelbakken (ill.)

Arne Lindmo & Ida Skjelbakken (ill.)
Photo by Kjetil Nystuen

Author Arne Lindmo won ARK's children's book prize for "TROLLHEIM - The Secret of Crow Castle" in 2022. More than 10,000 children read and voted for the book as the BEST BOOK OF THE YEAR!

Arne was born in 1981 and grew up in Inderoey, Trondelag in Norway. Today, he lives in Oslo. He absolutely loves Christmas. He enjoys the delicious Christmas food, the movies, the music, and, of course, the gifts, but most of all, he loves Christmas books! He has loved them ever since he was a child when he read comics and books about Christmas. Especially Carl Barks' Christmas stories with Donald Duck and Uncle Scrooge.

Illustrator Ida Skjelbakken was born in 1979 in Lorenskog in Norway, she has lived in The United States and Italy and often visits her parents in Budapest in Hungary. She won the Ministry of Culture's award for BEST ILLUSTRATIONS OF THE YEAR for the "TROLLHEIM" books.

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Best Children's Book of the Year 2022, ARKs barnebokpris (11 000 children in the jury) for TROLLHEIM – Secret of Castle Crow

Winner of the Ministry of Culture's

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