Arne Lindmo & Ida Skjelbakken (ill.)
TROLLHEIM – Avenger from Helheim

Adam, Tara and Tobias have pledged to protect Trollheim from the evil lurking beneath the surface. They soon face a challenge that will not only test their courage and strength, but also their friendship. Mysterious tracks in the woods and strange howls at the moon are ominous enough, but little do they know the greatest danger is one they can neither see nor hear.

The winner of the ARK children's book prize is chosen by the most honest readers! The jury consists of over 10,000 fifth, sixth and seventh graders who nominate the year's best children's book! In 2022, TROLLHEIM - Secret of Castle Crow was named the very best book of the year! This is the first book in the series.

The Trollheim books are illustrated and entertaining, with lots of action, thrilling tension, love and warmth. Our goal is for the series to have the same place in children's hearts today as The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew had in ours when we were children. − Author Arne Lindmo, illustrator Ida Skjelbakken and publisher Anitra Figenschou

Good series of books like these are actually hard to find!

- Oskar, 10 years

The book is cool and pretty! We think the illustrator has magical colors and pencils!

- Beren and Heidi, 11 years

Just as exciting as the first book!

- Martin, 10 years

Arne Lindmo & Ida Skjelbakken (ill.)

Arne Lindmo & Ida Skjelbakken (ill.)
NORLA / Adrian Nielsen

Author ARNE LINDMO was born in Norway in 1981. He loves to write exciting stories inspired by NORSE MYTHOLOGY, fairytales and myths, a theme that has fascinated him since childhood. In addition to reading, he likes to play chess and computer games. Outdoors, he prefers basketball and slalom skiing, preferably with his son.

Illustrator IDA SKJELBAKKEN was born in Norway in 1979. Her photographic style brings the characters and battle scenes to life in a cinematic way. Her execution is impressive, and her style fits the fantasy genre perfectly!

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Denmark, Turbine Publishing

Other titles

Secret of Castle Crow
– Avenger from Helheim
Underground Mission
- Vampires and demons

Stand alone Christmas title:
The Christmas coup by Lindmo & Skjelbakken

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World rights: Figenschou Publishing, Publisher: Anitra Figenschou, e-mail: [email protected], Phone: 0047 92606318

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Also represented by Otago Literary Agency in italy


Best Children's Book of the Year 2022, ARKs barnebokpris, for TROLLHEIM – Secret of Castle Crow

Winner of the Ministry of Culture's

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