Arne Lindmo & Ida Skjelbakken (ill.)
TROLLHEIM – Secret of Castle Crow

TROLLHEIM is a bestselling and award-winning book series for voracious readers aged 8-13. In Norway alone, the books have sold 70,000 copies. The author, ARNE LINDMO, has won two awards voted on by thousands of young readers, and the illustrator has received a prize for her illustrations from the Ministry of Culture. TROLLHEIM consistently ranks on Norway's bestseller lists. The story has universal appeal, can be enjoyed anywhere, and possesses excellent cinematic qualities

TROLLHEIM - Secret of Castle Crow is the first book in the series and was woted to be the BEST BOOK OF THE YEAR in 2022. The blurb goes like this:

Mysterious things are going on in the small town of Trollheim. The children talk in hushed voices about scary things in the woods. Three friends, Adam, Tara and Tobias, are facing the longest and most dangerous night of their lives. If they are to survive until dawn, they must discover the secret of Castle Crow and do battle with an ancient evil before the whole world is lost.

If you want a sneak peak into the Norwegian edition to see the illustrations and the layout, click here.

Readers review:

Actually, it’s rare that I read such a good book.

– FELIX, 11 year

I’d like to read the book again.

– Martin, 12 years

I’d actually stand in front of my whole class and recommend the book.

– Sol Borghild, 9½

Would recommend this book to others who like really exciting books (...) Very well written! (...) The book was a little too short. I want this to be a series with several books!

– Lars, 11 years

I got carried away and really wanted to read on. I also got a little sad when the book was finished.

– Erle, 11 years

I was gripped with suspense from page 1!

– Runa, 10½ years

The book is perfect for anyone who likes trolls, werewolves, mysterious beings and a little romance.

– Miriam, 10 years

Arne Lindmo & Ida Skjelbakken (ill.)

Arne Lindmo & Ida Skjelbakken (ill.)
NORLA / Adrian Nielsen

Author ARNE LINDMO was born in Norway in 1981. He worked for 10 years as a middle-grade teacher before he made his debut as an author. While teaching, he would think up a beginning and an end for a story every day that he could tell the students if there was time during the school day - and there often was! The children loved Arne's stories! So, as you understand, he knows his readers well, and now that he is a well-established, bestselling, and award-winning author in Norway, he travels around the country still meeting middle-grade students who now love his books.

Illustrator IDA SKJELBAKKEN was born in Norway in 1979. Her illustrations in the TROLLHEIM series have been very important for the fantastic reception and enormous success the books have achieved in Norway. The children say that they love her style. They think it's cool, realistic, and mature. Not visually childish like many of the other books they read, they say.

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Stand alone Christmas title:
The Christmas Heist by Lindmo & Skjelbakken

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Best Children's Book of the Year 2022, ARKs barnebokpris (11 000 children in the jury) for TROLLHEIM – Secret of Castle Crow

Best Children's Book of the Year 2023, Norli Junior reading contest (30 000 children in the jury) for TROLLHEIM – Vampires and demons

Winner of the Ministry of Culture's

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