Victor Nordahl
Wild Paws - The forrest
Book 2

Lukas and Ty have escaped from the fox farm, venturing into the wild where a whole new set of challenges await.

For Lukas, whose life has been confined to captivity, the idea of foxes preying on other animals is troubling. He remains totally unaware that other animals might view him as prey.

This book series delves into themes of beein different, mental illness, and the journey of self-discovery. Narrated from the unique perspective of foxes, it intertwines humor and love in it's gripping storytelling.

Victor Nordahl

Victor Nordahl
Hedda Kverndalen

Victor Nordahl (1990) lives in Oslo and has been working on the Wild Paws-series for many years.

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Nominated for the ARK children book award in 2022

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