Victor Nordahl
Wild Paws - The Fox Farm
Book 1

Wild Paws is a new Norwegian children’s series in which we see the world from the perspective of the foxes. Exciting, gripping, bittersweet and warm.

Wild fox Ty isn’t as tough as the rest of his clan. He shies away from fighting, gets bullied by crows, and is in general just a very anxious fox who depends on his family to protect and feed him. One day, after exchanging a few angry words with his brother, Ty runs off to prove he can catch his own prey. Instead, he winds up getting caught on a fox farm.

Ty learns what it’s like to have been born into captivity from his new friend Lukas, who thinks this life is the only one that’s possible to live. Ty wants to show him the rest of the world – but will they be able to escape the heavily-guarded fox farm?

Victor Nordahl

Victor Nordahl
Hedda Kverndalen

Victor Nordahl (1990) lives in Oslo and has been working on the Wild Paws-series for many years.

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Nominated for the ARK children book award in 2022

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