Ole Daniel Enersen
The dragon

The story takes place in a world beyond time and place, a world full of mystery and sorcery. Mango is the wizard's apprentice, young but talented, and more fascinated by dragons than the average inhabitant in the little village of Vanatu. His best friend is the young dragon Rosa, followed by the pterocrapyls David and Batseba, funny but deadly.
In a showdown between good and evil, between the dragon people and the peoples of the Mountain, perhaps nothing is what it seems, and what really happened to Mango's teacher, the wizard Ator?
The heroes don't get many breaks in this tale. In the book, you'll meet dragons full of courage, deadly flames and personality and rudeness. In the story you will read about weirder creatures than dragons, more hungry and deadly too, both with and without legs and wings - most of them you will not want to meet.
This book was first published I 2000 with another title: “The dragon who loved me”. It was approved by the Norwegian art council and got good reviews.
Age: children, young adult and adults.

Ole Daniel Enersen

Ole Daniel Enersen
Hege Enersen Bjerkelien

Ole Daniel Enersen (born 14 March 1943) is a Norwegian mountaineer, photographer, author and journalist.
In 1965 he climbed Trollveggen in Romsdalen for the first time together with Leif-Norman Patterson, Odd Eliassen and Jon Teigland. In 2000 he published a novel in the fantasy genre, The Dragon Who Loved Me. The book is now published again under the name The dragon by publisher Bjerkelien publisher. (www.bjerkelienforlag.com)
Enersen is a member of the Association of Norwegian Nature Photographers and affiliated with the photo agency Samfoto.
He has created and operates the website www.WhoNamedit.com , a comprehensive English-language dictionary of medical eponyms, – a list of medical terms derived from names of people (or sometimes from names of places and things).

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