Hanna Nyborg Støstad and Simon Dahle Nyhus (ill.)
Extraordinary Animals

A beautiful, colourful and knowledgeable children’s “coffee table book” about evolution.

Extraordinary Animals is a fascinating non-fiction book for children aged 6–12. A picture book that takes you out into nature, a read-aloud book for the whole family, and a great supplement to books used at school. It is quite simply a beautiful and educational book that arouses both curiosity and an enthusiasm for nature.

Animals might sometimes seem to behave strangely and illogically, but they have good reasons for doing what they do. Animals that find smart solutions to problems live for a long time and have lots of babies. The best solutions beat the solutions that aren’t as good. This is called evolution, and evolution means that the animal world has a lot of clever tricks!

Hanna Nyborg Strøstad shows young readers how evolution works in a strikingly simple, pedagogical and engaging way.

Hanna Nyborg Støstad and Simon Dahle Nyhus (ill.)

Hanna Nyborg Støstad and Simon Dahle Nyhus (ill.)
Fotograf: Kristin Aafløy Opdan.

Hanna Nyborg Strøstad (b. 1990) is a biologist and has a PhD in evolutionary biology from the Natural History Museum in Oslo. She is a disseminator of natural science and works at the Norwegian Environment Agency.

Simon Dahle Nyhus (b. 1988) is an illustrator based in Oslo and originally from Tønsberg. He has a background in animation and 3D graphics for feature films and now does this in parallel with illustrating books.

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