Time for a Walk, Little Rabbit!

The fifth book in a series for young children from Blafre!

Join Little Rabbit on a walk in the forest. This book gives the very youngest of children the words they need to talk about being out in nature and going for walks. Few Norwegian book series for young children are made from paperboard these days, and we hope that the Blafre books will be able to reach even more readers.

The Blafre books are playful and colourful, with rhyming text for the very youngest of children.


Foto: Åsmund Holien Mo

The Norwegian design firm Blafre, with Ingrid Erøy Fagervik at the helm, has been delivering products for small children for many years. Now Blafre also offers this brightly coloured, playful universe in the form of books aimed at the very youngest children.

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