Maiken Nylund
Finally Summer, Rikka

Finally Summer, Rikka is about being 11 years old and moving between childhood and adolescence.

Heartbreak, divorce and friends who change: the stories about Rikka are important and relatable—and full of empathy and love.

The summer holidays are finally here, but Jimmy has moved away and doesn’t want to be Rikka’s boyfriend anymore. Dad has to work, Liva can’t be bothered with anything, and suddenly all Rikka’s siblings have better things to do with their holidays. In the end, only Rikka goes to Grandma’s for two weeks—just like she always has. These summer holidays haven’t started at all like Rikka had thought they would! Suddenly she finds herself having to do things she doesn’t quite dare …

Finally Summer, Rikka is Maiken Nylund’s fourth book about Rikka.

Maiken Nylund

Maiken Nylund
Foto: Tonje Hodne

Maiken Nylund (b. 1980) studied to become a writer at the Norwegian Institute for Children's Books. She published poems in the international anthology, Ice Floe.

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