Trygve Skaug
If I Were Prime Minister

If I were prime minister, everyone who wanted a dog would get a dog
everyone who wanted a bike would get a bike
and everyone who wanted a friend would get at least two.

Trygve Skaug has enjoyed huge success in recent years with both books and music. He has now written his first children’s book, the picture book If I Were Prime Minister, with beautiful and colourful illustrations by Ella Okstad.

This is an uplifting, inspiring and socially critical book in which Trygve’s poetic voice evokes a child’s perspective on several things the grown-ups running the country could have done better.

Trygve Skaug

Trygve Skaug
Foto: Paal Audestad

Trygve Skaug (b. 1985) is a songwriter, vocalist and poet. He is one of Norway’s bestselling poets, with over 25,000 books sold by his own publisher and 77,000 followers on Instagram.

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