Jens K. Styve
Dunce - Downtime

DUNCE is a (sort of) autobiographic comic- strip, the main character Jens K lives in Tromsø, far north in Norway. It’s a strip about human (and more ... animalistic?) relationships, and the typical struggles of our modern lives.

DUNCE won the strip competition in one of Norway’s biggest newspapers, Dagbladet, and also the prestigous Pondus-prize. In 2020 it got the Sproing-prize (the Norwegian ”Oscar” of comics) in the category Best Norwegian Comic. Dunce is doing well internationally, a French book was released in April 2021 and recieved overwhelming reviews. The publisher Oceano in Mexico will release the first Spanish Dunce-book in 2022, they’ll distribute it to 21 Spanish-language countries.

Jens K. Styve

Jens K. Styve

Jens K Styve (born 1972) lives with his wife, dog and three kids in Tromsø, Norway. He’s a writer (of two novels), comic artist and illustrator. He worked 12 years as partner and designer in a design agency, but since October 2017 he’s been a comic artist full time.

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