Therese G. Eide
No news from the home front

Why are there no sheets of instructions when you become a parent? Comic book creator and mother of three Therese G. Eide decided to take the matter into her own hands!

Therese G. Eide has shared illustrated stories from her life as a parent for several years. Her comic strip “No news from the home front'' is published in 33 different newspapers and magazines, and keeps on attracting new readers. Egmont saw it as a natural next step to publish another collection of her strips, but Eide had a different idea:

- I wanted to say something more personal about becoming a parent. There is something absurd in the fact that we can choose to create tiny people, and then have responsibility for them for almost 20 years. And we can just as easily choose to not create tiny people, says Eide.

For the new book “Parenthood”, Eide has created completely new chapters about why she ended up being a mother, and what this upheaval brought with it. The book contains illustrated advice, tips, and fun guides on how expecting parents can handle the transition from 2 to 3.

- Normally, the kids in my comic strip are a little bitt older, and have a life at kindergarten or school. For this book, I really wanted to communicate something more personal about becoming a parent in the twenty-first century. Not because my knowledge is unique, but because I think my experiences can help a little. Maybe to let you relate, laugh, and unwind... or so I hope, says Eide.

Therese G. Eide

Therese G. Eide
Therese G. Eide

Therese G. Eide had 3 children in a time period of 21 months. Life was turned upside down, and she did as any modern mother would do. She started blogging about it. Using stylish drawing, not pictures.

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