Line Langaard Solberg
Help! Teenager in the House
Thought training for parents

Do you worry about your teenager? This guide is for those of you who want to be more confident in your role as a parent.

Are you anxious about the challenges that adolescence brings, especially when it comes to partying, drink and drugs, and sleep problems? These worries can lead to nagging and arguments, resulting in a loss of trust and poorer communication. With everyday stories you will relate to, this book provides you with tools you can use in specific situations linked to communication, boundary setting, sleep, screen time, schoolwork and friends.

The aim of this book is that you, as the mother or father of a teenager, will be clearer and more confident in Your role as parent. A parent’s greatest task is to prepare their children to flee the nest, and gradually letting them take charge of the controls.

Line Langaard Solberg

Line Langaard Solberg
Gyldendal Norsk Forlag

Line Langaard Solberg (b. 1962) trained as a secondary school teacher and coach. Since 2008 she has managed her own practice as a coach for children and youths in Oslo. It is in this that she puts emphasis on the term ‘thought training’. She has extensive experience as a trainer and speaker in secondary schools, colleges and universities. The author is married with three adult children.

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