Ragnhild Bang Nes
The Happiness Cure
31 Days to a Happier Life

Positive experiences lead to improved health, friendships and relationships – and a longer life. Joy acts as a kind of counterweight to the burden of stress and eradicates anxiety and worries. What can we do to improve our own quality of life and find more joy in our lives?

Ragnhild Bang Nes, a psychologist and senior researcher at the Norwegian Public Health Institute, has spent 17 years doing happiness research. Over the course of 31 chapters with titles like ‘Navigating the future’, ‘Balance’ and ‘Play and create memories’, she shows us how we can use the experiences of scientists as a toolkit. The book is structured as a four-week cure with individual daily programmes consisting of concrete tips and exercises designed to improve your quality of life. The 31 chapters can, of course, be read in a different order. The book aims to offer readers knowledge-based guidelines to give their everyday life greater joy and meaning.

Ragnhild Bang Nes

Ragnhild Bang Nes

Ragnhild Bang Nes (b. 1970) is a psychologist, research professor at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health and Associate Professor at the University of Oslo’s Department of Psychology. She has been a happiness researcher since 2003 and has won several awards for her work.

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