Carina Carl & Rebekka Egeland
Psychology at Work
Knowledge, security and courage to lead yourself and others

Management is psychology, claim psychologists Carina Carl and Rebekka Egeland. You will always bring your personality with you into your management role and that is where psychology gets interesting – because we humans aren’t as rational as we’d like to think. Every new situation is unique, just as every human being is unique and everyone’s environment is constantly changing. The realisation that times may change but humans don’t mean that everybody should know something about how our brains work, what primary and secondary emotions are, and how relationships affect all communications and every management style.

Early relationships are also significant when it comes to how you talk to yourself and manage yourself. And you must manage yourself before you can manage others. Psychology at Work places less importance on the theories and models of organisational psychology than on the development of personality, relationships, communication, life choices and values. In that respect, the book is just as interesting for anybody with a job and a workplace to go to as for managers.

Carina Carl is a psychologist working on many platmorms, amongst them the Noia podcast. Rebekka Egeland was Young Manager of the Year in 2018. The two of them are passionately dedicated to explaining psychology to ordinary people in an easy-to-grasp way and both have written several books. This is the second book they have written together. They each run their own practices.

Carina Carl & Rebekka Egeland

Carina Carl & Rebekka Egeland
Moment Studio

Carina Carl (former Poulsen) trained as a clinical psychologist and is currently doing a 5 year course of further specialist training in clinical aspects of occupational psychology. Carina is particularly involved in minor psychological ailments, mindfulness and yoga, and in the relationship between physical training and psychological health.

Rebekka Egeland is a qualified clinical psychologist and works as a manager in Falck Healthcare Norge.

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