Arnhild Lauveng
A Road Back From Schizophrenia

Arrnhild Lauveng spent ten years in secure ward suffering from schizophrenia. She was deeply psychotic, self destructive and broke glasses and plates to cut herself with the shards.

In this book, the author takes the reader into a world of voices and hallusinations, where she is chased by hordes of rats, and packs of wolves with yellow eyes and slavering jaws snap at her heels. We learn to understand that these illusions have their own logic and how they can be interpreted - and the author`s interpretations are like solutions to small crime mysteries.

This is the powerful story of her journey back to reality, assisted by a mother who refused to give up hope, a victory that only a handful believe is possible and that sadly is seldom achieved.

Arnhild Lauveng

Arnhild Lauveng
Photo: Fredrik Arff

Lauveng was educated at the University of Oslo and now works as a clinical psychologist. She recieved the Mental Health Prize in 2004 for her contributions to improving openness and freedom of speech in psychiatry.

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