Heine Bakkeid
I Will Miss You Tomorrow

Thorkild Aske #1

The stormy season is fast approaching when former interrogation leader Thorkild Aske is released from prison. Having served a three-year sentence for manslaughter, Thorkild is a pariah among his colleagues: a cop gone bad, like the men and women he himself used to interrogate while still at the Bureau for the Investigation of Police Affairs. Wracked by guilt and relentless physical pain, Thorkild lets himself be persuaded to travel to a small town in the remote North in order to find a missing young man, Rasmus Moritzen. Supposedly gone missing while diving, Rasmus’ disappearance has been written off as a drowning accident by the local authorities. However the boy’s mother won’t rest till his body has been returned to her. And so it becomes Thorkild’s job to find the young man, and wrest him back from the sea. But the windswept island and abandoned lighthouse he finds himself searching are hiding more secrets than just the location of Rasmus’ remains. And as the winter storm whips the waves into a frenzy, the body that is washed ashore isn’t that of Rasmus, but a faceless young woman.

I Will Miss You Tomorrow is Heine Bakkeid’s first venture into crime fiction and the first book about former interrogation leader Thorkild Aske. Bakkeid’s ability to couple the visually powerful elements found in Northern Norway’s natural landscape with a driven and nuanced plot has resulted in a haunting debut work.

A near revitalization of the traditional psychological thriller, where sinister figures, paranoia, and terrifying events characterize the plot.

Verdens Gang, Norway

A crime fiction debutant with a literary talent /.../ Bakkeid writes well and with nuance. /.../ Bakkeid knows his craft – he writes excellent dialogues and is already an expert when it comes to composing dark fictional universes filled with unsolved mysteries.

Bergens Tidende, Norway

Bakkeid’s strength lies in the depiction of stormy weather and the sea and waves. /.../ Here are colors and smells and sounds to make the hair of those of us still alive make literally stand on end.

Dagbladet, Norway

A thriller talent /.../ [Heine Bakkeid] has a well-developed sense for the gothic and grotesque. /.../ Bakkeid’s tone is harsh yet tender, and he showcases an impressive knowledge of the human body’s workings.

Aftenposten, Norway

A particularly unique book where one is always balancing between reality and illusion, the real world and what the main character sees. /…/ A new genre in Nordic novels! A star has been born, I assure you! Congratulations to the publishing house that has acquired such a great talent in Italy!

Thriller Nord, Italy

A thrilling story set in the harsh milieus of northern Norway.

Dagens Nyheter, Sweden

Heine Bakkeid

Heine Bakkeid
Harriet M. Olsen

Heine Bakkeid (b. 1974) grew up in the rugged landscape of Northern Norway, where mist-shrouded waters meet some of Scandinavia’s most striking mountain formations. Bakkeid made his literary debut in 2005 when he published a spy novel for young adults. Since then he has gone on to write several novels for young readers. The acclaimed I Will Miss You Tomorrow is Bakkeid’s first venture into crime fiction, and has earned him the critics’ recognition as a virtuoso of darkly atmospheric suspense. The novel’s dark undertones and windswept landscapes are fetched from Bakkeid’s own native North.

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