Heine Bakkeid
Meet Me in Paradise

Thorkild Aske #2

The haunted former interrogation leader Thorkild Aske reluctantly agrees to take on the job of consulting detective for Milla Lind, a renowned Norwegian crime fiction writer. Lind’s previous consultant, also a former policeman, was killed on the job as they were working on Lind’s latest novel, a story based on the real-life case of two girls mysteriously disappearing from an orphanage. It isn’t long till Aske begins to suspect that there’s more to the case, Milla Lind, and his predecessor’s death, than he first thought.

Meet Me in Paradise is the second novel about Thorkild Aske.

The new Jo Nesbø /.../ Beautiful and dark entertainment. /…/ Remember the name Heine Bakkeid – his second crime novel is top quality Nordic noir. /…/ Bakkeid has a sharp-eyed style and is in addition very funny. The cynical humor balances out the novel’s darkness and makes it a wonderful read.

Verdens Gang, Norway

A crime novel that throws down the gauntlet to the very, very best of them all. /…/ There’s plenty of melancholy, decadence, and a five-minutes-till-midnight atmosphere. /…/ Even if Aske calls to mind Jo Nesbø’s Harry Hole, Bakkeid has crafted a character that stands rock-steady on his own two legs.

Harstad Tidende, Norway

Plenty of suspense, humor and energy /…/ Thrilling and well-written and Bakkeid makes it all come together.

Dagbladet, Norway

Suspenseful, original crime fiction with a wonderful momentum and a protagonist who struggles with his issues – but does so with a twinkle in his eye. /…/ A more than excellent crime novel […] definitely one of the best this year.

Adresseavisen, Norway

Heine Bakkeid

Heine Bakkeid
Harriet M. Olsen

Heine Bakkeid (b. 1974) grew up in the rugged landscape of Northern Norway, where mist-shrouded waters meet some of Scandinavia’s most striking mountain formations. Bakkeid made his literary debut in 2005 when he published a spy novel for young adults. Since then he has gone on to write several novels for young readers. The acclaimed I Will Miss You Tomorrow is Bakkeid’s first venture into crime fiction, and has earned him the critics’ recognition as a virtuoso of darkly atmospheric suspense. The novel’s dark undertones and windswept landscapes are fetched from Bakkeid’s own native North.

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