Anne Elvedal

Disturbing, page turning psychological thriller.

Few know who Ida Hansen really is. On the surface, she’s a dedicated psychiatric nurse for young adults in Trondheim. When a patient suddenly goes missing, Ida discovers an old toy bunny that links the disappearance to her own past. A past she doesn’t remember. Through hypnosis, Ida attempts to unearth repressed memories, hoping to find the missing girl. But can Ida trust her memories? Can she trust anyone around her at all?

You can call me Jan is an intense and enigmatic psychological thriller about memories and identity – filled with unsettling twists and suspense.

Anne Elvedal

Anne Elvedal
Fartein Rudjord

Anne Elvedal is a successful screenwriter for film and television. She is also a trained nurse and has worked several years in psychiatry. In recent years, she has written horror books for children and young adults to excellent reviews. The psychological thriller “You Can Call Me Jan” is her debut as a fiction writer for adults.

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