Ingrid Ovedie Volden

The Heart Is a Clenched Fist

YA has Eleanor and Park, now middle grade will have Aline and Oliver.

Aline and Oliver are in the same class, but they never talk to each other. One day Oliver’s father has a heart attack and ends up in the Cardiology Ward at the hospital. Aline suddenly turns up, as she has decided to write a school paper on the human heart. Aline and Oliver falls in love and becomes a secret couple. What will they do when Oliver’s father is again healthy and is discharged from hospital? Can they be a couple for real?

The Heart is a Clenched Fist is a novel about love and heart problems.

Can you experience one thing without the other?

Ingrid Ovedie Volden

Volden ingrid ovedie photo oddbjoern steffensen
Oddbjørn Steffensen

Ingrid Ovedie Volden (b. 1981) has a degree in political science and has worked as a music columnist and critic for several years.

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