Unni Lindell

Love Heart

Ella is back!

The Ella series has sold more than 120 000 copies in Norway!

No one writes better about falling in love than Unni Lindell. At last, a new and delightful book for Ella-fans.

Ella is in love with Jens. It’s a secret, but in confidence Ella tells two of the girls in class. One day everybody knows about Ella’s feelings for Jens, and teases her. When Ella simultaneously is accused of excluding Hawa from the group, she runs away, but not far. She goes to see her grandmother who is wise and good to talk to. Ella soon understands who to trust and who she wants to be friends with. And it looks like Jens is in love with someone too.

Love Heart explores how we act towards one another – but most of all it’s a story is about being in love.

The seventh book about Ella.

Unni Lindell’s books about Ella are written especially with new readers in mind.

Unni Lindell

Lindell unni foto jørn grønlund
Jørn Grønlund

Unni Lindell (b. 1957) is one of Norway’s best selling writers. Her crime novels have been translated into numerous languages and has sold millions of copies. Lindell has also written poems, short stories and books for children and young adults. She has received several prestigious prizes for her works, and her have sold more than 4 million copies world wide.

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