Håkon Bohne

He who laughs last…

Jacob is a weakling. He never sticks out, never raises his voice. But when Steffen and his gang take liberties at school and lock the others out of the canteen without the school principle daring to do anything about it, well that is when the tiger awakens in Jacob! He takes the matters into his own hands. Why won’t the principle intervene? And what is going on in the canteen? Will Jacob manage to get close to scary Helene with flattery? There is another set of rules in this story. The main character is given a lot if leeway when he really needs it. Delightful exaggerations, childish humour and the perfect punishment for the baddies.

Håkon Bohne

Håkon Bohne
Aschehoug Stine Friis Hals

Håkon Bohne (1989) studies law at the University of Oslo and works part-time at a bookstore. He also plays the drums in a Metal band called Chéne. Pizzaboyz is his literary debut.

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