Robert Næss
The Zombie Outbreak. The Bureau of Non-Events 1

Everybody knows how to stop a zombie. You just squeeze the brain – and that’s it.

But how do you stop an epidemic zombie virus that easily can spread all over the world?

What if the boundaries between what you think of as the real world and The Other Side started to crack? What if it was your job to make sure the evils and absurdities of The Other Side stayed on The Other Side for the public good? What if you were eleven years old and your ID card said «Paranormal Agent, resuscitate at own risk»?

Thelma and Tico have just been recruited as paranormal agents when the disaster starts. A zombie virus has mutated and is spreading – fast. If a cure is not found they will be dealing with a global epidemic. And the only way to make a vaccine is to find the original zombie virus DNA – which means finding patient zero. The problem is that patient zero is a viking king who has been dead for a thousand years. Thelma and Tico will have to locate his tomb deep inside a secret underground cathedral. A small mistake can be lethal. Or worse – it can turn them into zombies.

The Zombie Outbreak is the first book in the middle grade series The Bureau of Non-Events.
Second book, Neanderland, will be published spring 2018.

Robert Næss

Robert Næss
Erik Okstad

Robert Næss (b. 1970) is an author and screenwriter. He has written books for children and scripts for film, television and radio, including children’s tv-series. He has a degree from London International Film School, and a degree in theatre studies and History of Ideas from University of Oslo.

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