Chris Tvedt
Honour and Conscience

A man is thrown from a fifth-floor balcony in what appears to be just a drunken brawl in a rough part of town. Mikael Brenne takes on the job of defending the accused.

Then Edvard Matre makes an appearance in Bergen. He has started working for Kripos’s cold-case group and is investigating an old murder in the Bergen underworld. It begins to dawn on Mikael that he himself could become Matre’s chief suspect.

Honour and Conscience is a book about unknown blood ties and old secrets, Mikael Brenne is forced to dig deep into the darkness within.

It’s one thing to brandish terms like guilt and atonement in court when referring to a case you're solely tied to as a professional.

But when it gets personal, it’s something else entirely...

This is the tenth book in the critically acclaimed and award-winning series about Bergen lawyer Mikael Brenne.

Chris Tvedt

Chris Tvedt
Odd Nerbø

Chris Tvedt (born 1954 in Bergen) is an author and a lawyer, having studied literature alongside law at the University of Bergen.

More recently he has devoted himself to writing full-time.

Tvedt debuted in 2005 with the crime novel Reasonable Doubt. He has written several books starring the lawyer Mikael Brenne. In 2010, his novel Death's Circle earned him the Riverton Prize for the year's best Norwegian crime fiction.

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