Jørgen Brekke
Book of the Night

When the person you've had most confidence in turns out to be a stranger ...

Elisabet is at peace with family life. She’s an ordinary person, and the most important thing of all is she knows she can trust her husband Jakob.

One day, the enigmatic Sofie appears at Jakob and Elisabet’s door and introduces herself as Jakob’s younger sister. Jakob and Elisabet have lived under the same roof for fifteen years, and have two children together, but Elisabet has never heard anything about Jakob having a sister. It will soon become apparent that there’s far more that she hasn’t been told.

The arrival of Sofie is the beginning of a chain of fateful events that cause Elisabet’s world to come apart. She is forced to reconsider everything she has believed about Jakob, about her immediate family, and about her own reality. She soon comes to understand that the quest for the truth can have a high price – it could cost her her life.

Jørgen Brekke

Jørgen Brekke
Julia Pike

Jørgen Brekke (b. 1968) has a background as a literary critic and has worked as a freelance journalist.

Brekke made his literary debut with the acclaimed crime novel Where Monsters Dwell in 2011. It is translated into 14 languages. The critically acclaimed follow-ups Dreamless (2012) and The Nature of Man (2013) both feature police investigator Odd Singsaker and his American colleague/girlfriend Felicia Stone.

In 2014 Brekke's debut novel was published to great acclaim in the US. Book Page called it «a killer debut», while Booklist wrote: «The buildup to each murder is extraordinarily well done and almost unbearably suspenseful ... lives up to the edginess of this genre.»

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