Øystein Bogen
The Provocation

The battle of Svalbard have started.

When geologists discover valuable mineral deposits in the mountains north of Svalbard, superpowers Russia and China enter into a secret pact to share the riches. But first they need to ensure that Norway loses sovereignty over the archipelago. Up there, the community is shockingly vulnerable: A simple act of sabotage against the single cable that connects Svalbard to the outside world is all it takes for the population to be effectively cut off from all communication. This way, an undeclared Russian invasion can be launched without the world looking on as a witness.

Intelligence officers Per Henriksen and Tora Fjell are sent to Svalbard in secret. They join a deadly race – and the victors will take control over Svalbard’s resources for all time.

Øystein Bogen

Øystein Bogen
Julie Pike

Øystein Bogen has many years of experience as a foreign journalist and is very familiar with Russia. The Zeta Virus is his first work of fiction.

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