Ingrid Berglund
The Black Swan

The shady dealings of big pharma, a life-or-death pursuit, and an unsolved disappearance from the past culminate in an explosive encounter in the epic landscape of Northern Norway.

They’re an odd couple, the young estate lawyer Oda Krogh and her aging assistant, Reidar Simonsen. Both of them have been ditched by their significant other, and their joint investigative practice is a not entirely successful attempt to get back on their feet again.

Then a dying woman arrives at the door with one last wish. Against their better instincts, they take on the assignment: to find the woman’s son, who is said to have drowned five years earlier. The only thing Oda and Reidar have to go on are four shells someone has sent the doomed mother.

As they dig into the past, they discover more suspicious deaths. They also see disturbing indications that the pharmaceutical industry has blood on its hands. The search for the truth quickly attracts the attention of individuals who only become more dangerous the more the pandemic spreads – and soon it is Oda and Børre who are being hunted down.

Ingrid Berglund

Ingrid Berglund
Julie Pike

Ingrid Berglund holds a master’s degree in economics and finance. Her background spans from working as a bartender in London and an auxiliary nurse in Australia to being a financial analyst at Chase Manhattan Bank and Norsk Hydro. She grew up in Sørreisa and Svelvik, and now lives in Høvik. Ingrid is the sister of crime writer Anita Berglund.

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