Geir Tangen
Dog Days

Dog Days is a profound crime novel about power and powerlessness in intimate relationships, about violence and manipulation, about what grinds us down and how even our humanity can be put at stake when the ground crumbles beneath our feet.

A little boy is found murdered near a hiking trail in Haugesund. He has been beaten to death with a rock and thrown down a steep slope. The brutality of the violence against the defenceless child shocks even seasoned police officers. Hours and days pass without anyone reporting the boy missing, and despite the fact that police superintendent Gabriel Fjell and his team are working around the clock, they are unable to identify him.Gradually they uncover a story darker, bleaker and more dangerous than anyone could have imagined.

Geir Tangen

Geir Tangen
Haakon Nordvik

Geir Tangen (b. 1970) is from Øystese in Hardanger but has lived in Haugesund since 1996.

He trained as a general education teacher and has worked in lower secondary schools since 1996. He has also worked as a freelance journalist for radio, TV and newspapers since 1990, and writes short stories in addition to his crime novels.

He self-published his first crime novel, Maestro, in January 2016 and it was an immediate success. The book was nominated for the Maurits Hansen “New Blood” Prize in 2017 and for two crime prizes in the Netherlands the following year. Heartbreaker was published in 2017, and the final book in the series, Dead Man’s Tango, was published in 2018. The trilogy about Viljar Ravn Gudmundsson and Lotte Skeisvoll has been translated into several languages. He has written a number of crime stories for both young people and adults in recent years that have been published in various anthologies.

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