Cesilie Tanderø
«LE DONNE – women and the city, VENICE»

The series «LE DONNE – women and the city» gives us a glimpse into the lives of 90 women in Venice, Rome and Sicily. It offers a warm and intriguing invitation to be present in your own life – and to experience the cities and the island from a new angle.

«LE DONNE – women and the city, VENICE» takes you on a different journey, walking along the canals, sharing interesting hours with 18 women – in bars, their own homes or at work – and bringing to life 12 women from historical times. Queen Caterina Cornaro who ruled Cyprys from Venice for nearly 20 years. Oberta who grew up in one of the city's orphanages in 1800 and was taught music by Vivaldi. Mariagrazia Dammicco, who had access to many of Venice's top secrets gardens of today.

Their interesting lives add to our knowledge of Venice. They are stories of the will to invest and strengthen Venice as the phenomenal city it is, of art and culture and female power.

The author invites you into something genuine and close, whether you read before you go, when you are on the road, or «travel» in your favourite chair at home.

The stories are linked to places you can find on a map inside the book. You will also find a timeline for the women.

You will find history, pictures of famous Italian painters, portraits of the women and photographic glimpses of the city.

Join the journey you will not find in a traditional guidebook.
Be present in your own life.
Be present in Venice!

Design: Laura van As

«If the blue colors of the sky fill you with joy,
if a blade of grass peeking out of the ground
have enough power to touch you,
if the little things in nature have a message that you understand,
you must rejoice, for your soul is alive… »

- Actress Eleonora Duse, Venice

Cesilie Tanderø

Cesilie Tanderø
Kjell Gripstad

Cesilie Tanderø (b. 1954) has previously written six books in Norwegian: Sesame Station (2), The Great Environmental Book, Casa Lauro, Mmm ... and So Good to See You!

She left the culture department in Akershus county in 2016 after fourteen years as a film- and litterature producer for The Cultural Schoolsack. Before that she worked freelance for various media for sixteen years after film and media studies and thirteen years as an educator. For ten years until 2020 she was the leader of the Drøbak Artist Forum and The Drøbak Backyard Festival. She now runs Salsa AS.

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