H. L. Phoenix
Arkin - Guardian of the Light
Book 2 - The hope

A beautiful portal fantasy series where dreams come true, where loneliness and longing saves lives, and where the smallest person casts the biggest shadow! A stunningly illustrated epic for children and adults ages 9 and up.

Book 2 in the series picks up where we left off. When Arkin pets Melion Layt, he’s quite literally «shocked»; the panther doesn’t seem to be any ordinary creature. He tells Arkin he is a so-called «elemental» – a being made of pure energy. Arkin gets on his back, and they start flying towards Hevádriel.

H. L. Phoenix

H. L. Phoenix
Marianne Wåhlberg

H. L. Phoenix (1982) has always loved drawing, creating and making up stories, and through an illustrated book series he is happy to combine these passions. He is particularly enthusiastic about stories that contain magic, fantasy and epic events, and he enjoys imagining new worlds.

"I love the battle between good and evil, especially when that battle takes place in ourselves ..." says author H. L. Phoenix

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Winner of the Ravenings-award 2022!

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