Ceceilie Skog and Kristina Farstad Bjerkek (ill.)

Let's go Outside

In Let's go Outside! Cecilie Skog shows us how to bring nature back into our everyday lives in a fun, simple and manageable way.

In this colourful, richly illustrated book, we learn about the nature around us, get tips for activities and things that we can make, eat and look at, and are offered inspiration for using nature in daily life.

This is a book for all children, and also any parent who needs tips and tricks for making nature a part of everyday life again.

Ceceilie Skog and Kristina Farstad Bjerkek (ill.)

Foto: Renate Torseth

Cecilie Skog (born 1974) is a mountain-climber, polar explorer, adventurer and mother of two. Let's go Outside is her first children’s book.

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